PromiseLand Publishing

Welcome to PromiseLand Publishing


Welcome to PromiseLand Publishing

Are you a new or seasoned author looking for professional self- publishing services at reasonable prices?

We specialize in helping you publish your book in an easy and affordable manner.  We know that it can be exciting, challenging, and difficult to publish your own book so we walk you through every step of the process so that the end result is a book you will be proud to sell and share with the world.

All while allowing you to...

  • Keep control of your book every step of the way
  • Retain all rights and profits
  • Choose only the publishing services you need when you need them
  • Create the most professional book possible
  • Work within your publishing budget
  • Experience excellent customer service and individual attention for your project

As an experienced one stop self-publishing company, we provide all publishing services from beginning to end. We know how to help you publish your book in a professional manner. We want you to be delighted the first time you hold your newly published book in your hands and assist you in the extensive process of getting your voice in print. 


Featured Author

From the Pit to the Palace

BIO: Cilk McSweeny is a Man of God, Entrepreneur, Actor,International Motivational Speaker, Youth Leader, Author, and Professional Athlete. He has reached a countless number of people by sharing the story of his life. Although faced with many hardships, Cilk McSweeney has successfully overcome them through his faith and relentless determination