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Testimony Magazine

Testimony Magazine was designed to build a global Network of Kingdom Corporation Associates who will empower others trhough sharing their testimony. It is a great resource that inspires Kingdom Corporation Associates throughout the world to discover and fulfill their purpose of life. After all, "iron  sharpens iron."  Your testimony will hsarpen numerous people who are struggling with an area in life that you have successfully conquered. We are interested in hearing your testimony of God's goodness in your life! Please submit a ocpy of your testimony to be reviewed by a Promiseland Publishing editor. Once approved, you will be contacted for an interview, and be featured in Testimony Magazine. 

Testimony magazine is Promiseland Publishing’s first magazine publication.  It was established and developed as a platform to introduce Promiseland authors to the company’s fan base. Another purpose of Testimony Magazine is to provide an opportunity for all Promiseland readers to be featured in Testimony Magazine, thus, sharing their testimony with the entire Promiseland fan base.   We believe that everyone has a testimony and their testimony should be shared with the world. 

Testimony Magazine is simply a medium through which Promiseland Publishing can establish a relationship with readers, from which we can develop and empower our readers through the information within our publications, and therefore expand the Promiseland visionglobally. After all, everyone has a testimony! 

Testimony Magazine simply gathers, organizes, publishes and distributes these testimonies, making them available to a diverse global market that will benefit tremendously from them.  Promiseland Publishing envisions its readers being sharpened, inspired, encouraged and empowered through the process of gaining  knowledge of someone’s experiences and challenges in life that are similar to their own. Testimony Magazine is one tool through which we accomplish this goal.


Kingdom Business Magazine

In addition, the information within the Kingdom Business Series publications can be used to strengthen and enhance any existing business the readers currently have or work for. Furthermore, recipients and participants of these publications are automatically eligible to submit their company’s testimonies to be featured in the Promiseland Publishing magazine, Kingdom Business.This privilege offers publicity and exposure for the participants business to the entire Promiseland Publishing fan base. Featured companies share their testimony of how the Promiseland Publishing business publications assisted them through the extensive establishment and management process of their companies.

Also, Kingdom Business Magazine will provide subscribers with real life case studies that entail the challenges, benefits, and everyday experiences that entrepreneurs encounter throughout the process of building and managing a successful and lucrative enterprise.  For example, one business owner may discover the answer to a current problem through reading a testimony of another business owner who already encountered and solved the same problem while building their business.  In doing so, both companies benefit from being featured in the Kingdom Business Magazine.  One found a solution to a problem and as a result his business will continue to prosper, and the other gained access to a whole different network of potential consumers. Kingdom Businessmagazine is simply the medium by which the two entities united.

Finally, as a bonus, Kingdom Business subscribers can purchase advertising at a discounted rate in all Promiseland Publishing publications.


Kingdom Politics

Kingdom Politics is a Promiseland Publishing magazine that features Kingdom citizens.  Kingdom citizens submit their testimonies of their experiences as Kingdom citizens and ambassadors in comparison to their experiences as citizens of their former country.  Then, these testimonials are published and distributed throughout the entire Promiseland Publishing fan base. 

Also, Kingdom Politics subscribers can purchase advertising at a discounted rate in all Promiseland Publishing publications. The main purpose of  Kingdom Politics Magazine is to keep its subscribers informed with current affairs, thus, empower them to fulfill their important role within our countries overall political process.

To be featured into Testimony Magazine, Kingdom Business Magazine, and Kingdom Politics send a copy of your testimony to testimony@prompiselandpublishing.com or mail a copy of your testimony to:
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