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Promiseland Publishing offers a variety of high quality publishing. Our services include production, publishing, distribution, and marketing for a unique publishing experience. Promiseland Publishing can complete the entire production and publishing process of your manuscript. Distribution and promotion of your book can be done through Promiseland Publishing marketing services and our on-line book store. We provide graphic design services of your cover and interior of your book, as well as provide book listings with popular book sellers such as Amazon.com and Borders.com. We reserve a complete digital file of your book available for print on demand which makes your experience with Promiseland Publishing a fast and convenient way to become a successful author in today’s market. When someone places and order for a copy, we have one printed up and ship it out, splitting the royalties with you.

Print on Demand Distribution $6.75 per book

To be eligible for Print-on-Demand Distribution, you must be an Promiseland Platinum Distribution Member. This allows us to get your book into the major distribution channels and books are printed on demand as they are ordered from retailers world wide.

Quantity Printing Cost Per Book

Qty Ordered 25-99 100-249 250-499 500-999
Non Members $7.63 $7.25 $6.87 $6.49
Premiere Members $6.75 $6.41 $6.08 $5.74
Platinum Members $6.75 $6.41 $6.08 $5.74
For quantites over 1000, please call or email for custom quote.


100-249 discounted 5% 500-999 discounted 15%
250-499 discounted 10% 1000+
Save up to 60% when you order 1000 books or more at a time. Please call or email to get your best price – mail@PromiselandPublishing.com

Two Ways To Print Your Book

We offer two types of printing. The first and most popular type is our Quantity Printing. Quantity Printing allows you to purchase a minimum of 25 books (up to thousands) and have them shipped directly to you or to a single location of your choice. This option is for you if you want to sell your books directly from your home, business, seminars or local stores. Your books will be shipped to you ready to sell and you keep all the profits. We suggest that all authors have their own supply of books to sell. As a PromiselandPublishing Member, you receive 10% off all our Printing Prices.

You will then receive a royalty fee on any books sold. As a Promiseland Member, you do not need to purchase the 25 books to be listed on Amazon. Your Promiseland Membership includes print on demand distribution to Amazon.

The second way in which your books can be printed is through our Print on Demand Services which is included with your Promiseland Membership Only. When a retailer orders a book through one of our many distributors, your book(s) is printed and shipped immediately. You don't pay for printing and will receive a royalty fee for any books sold. To determine the amount of royalty you will receive based on the price of your book, click here. We strongly suggest that in addition to Print on Demand, you also purchase Quantity Printing and have books sent directly to you as described above. This will be particularly necessary if you are planning to do book signings, marketing or any other type of publicity.

Global Distribution Channels

Placing your books into the world's most comprehensive distribution channel is easy, low-cost and carries no risk. In addition to all the benefits inherent in print on demand, we are continually updating our distribution partners through catalogue feeds directly from Promiseland Publishing so your titles instantly receive extensive market exposure.

Promiseland Publishing connects you with the world's largest distribution channel of book wholesalers and retailers. In addition to distributing books through Ingram Book Company, we maintain relationships with the most comprehensive portfolio of booksellers serving consumers today.

Ingram Distribution Channel
Using the distribution strength Ingram Book Company, your book always appears in stock and available to all Ingram customers. With over 30,000 wholesalers, retailers and booksellers in over 100 countries your titles will gain the maximum exposure in the market today. With print to order, your book is printed and ready for shipment in 12 hours or less.

Other Distribution Channels
We maintain relationships with the most comprehensive portfolio of booksellers serving consumers today as is evidenced by the list below. The practices of individual wholesalers and retailers determine whether your titles show as “in stock.”

Promiseland Publishing Distribution Partners